Christmas Royalty

 A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, is a book that reminds all Christians of what inspires the holiday of Christmas and the good will that surrounds it. During the Christmas season, people tend to put their daily needs, selfishness, and working mindset aside for benevolence, friendship, and jubilation. In Dickens’ novel, Scrooge, the main character, is surrounded by a handful of characters that stand out as representatives of the good will that surrounds Christmas.

He eventually learns the lessons of Christmas spirit and good will through the visitations of the spirits of Christmases past, present, and future. The spirit of Christmas past taught him that covetousness will chase the ones that love you away and replace God as an idol. The spirit of Christmas present taught him that his greed made others suffer like the Crachit family that barely had enough to eat and could not pay for Tiny Tim’s medical care.

Little did I know at the time, it was going to be a Christmas I would never forget, and that would change me forever. Christmas, for me, meant the pretty presents, wrapped in shiny paper with huge bows on them, which sat under the tree. It meant the Christmas tree, so beautifully decorated. It meant the splendid Christmas meal made of turkey, ham, vegetables and my mom’s apple pie.

Different parts of the world have different traditions for celebrating Christmas. In some parts of the world, Christmas is celebrated for a week, whereas in other parts of the world, it starts with the Sunday next to November 26 and concludes on January 6 with the feast of Nativity. Christmas decorations activities: Outdoor light displays and other decorating traditions have created Christmas activities of their own.

By 1984 the royalties had increased significantly to JPY 8 billion. The royalties were denominated in yen and the director of finance at business, Rolf Anderson, expected these royalties to grow by another 10-20% for the coming years. However the depreciation of the yen against the dollar could incur high risks for Walt Disney, which should be hedged.

As Christmas arrives, instead of just opening presents, my family celebrates it by throwing a fun and exciting party. The events we plan are way to thrilling than any ordinary Christmas celebration because it’s our family’s tradition. For example, each year we make American style food and Vietnamese food, open presents under the Christmas tree, eat at the dining table, and sing!

We had shared our hugs, and our love, and I said thank you to anything they had given me, because that didn’t really matter, at this Christmas, because I had finally figured it out. I had finally figured out the true reason why I love the Christmas holidays, and the true meaning of Christmas. This Christmas that I’m writing about more than any other ordinary Christmas that I’ve had, was because I had learned something.

Not from any lesson from my parents, nor from any discipline issues, but from something deeper, from myself, from inside. I had learned that, Christmas was not having or “receiving” as much things as possible, which is what I had thought back in Boston before I had come here, but had realized that sharing and “giving” love was the only true present that you can give on Christmas day, and I had figured this out the day before Christmas, which was lucky for me. I had learned that it wasn’t about receiving, it was more about sharing the love of everybody in that room, because you care about them enough that even if they gave you a piece of coal for Christmas, that you would still go up to them, and hug them, and say “I love you!” Because that, boys and girls, is what Christmas is all about, and this Christmas, more than other any Christmas was the best Christmas ever!

Whatever you choose for your main course, potatoes, corns, beefs, dinner rolls, and fruit usually accompany the meal. Christmas gifts: for many people- whether they care to admit it or not-Christmas is about presents. Christmas’s gift- giving tradition has its roots in the three kings offering to the infant Jesus. 카지노사이트

The spirit of Christmas future taught him that if he were to continue his miserly ways he would die a very lonely man with only his greed to remember him by. With each visit, Scrooge learns that his selfish and greedy habits and self-centered personality do not contribute in any way to the improvement of his life or the spirit of Christmas. He finally realizes that he must change his ways and discover the true meaning of the holiday of Christmas or lose his soul for all eternity. 


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