Royal Wedding

 In the Afghani culture, people believe that people should only marry within their own status: “People scoffed that [he] would never marry well- after all, he was not of royal blood” (Hosseini 16). Thus, due to the cultural influence, marriages between others of a different status are often forbidden. Royalty only weds royalty, poor only weds poor, and people in merchant families only wed people in other merchant families.

In addition, the cost of the wedding was another big issue during their planning process because of the different customs and traditions. Finally, the young couple made a concession for their wedding (our marriage, their wedding). Their parents agreed to share the cost of the wedding. Thirdly, the question of whether a Catholic-style wedding in the church or the father Paes wedding. 카지노사이트

Introduction I am the event coordinator of a destination wedding. A destination wedding is defined as a wedding celebration in an exotic or resort location. This will be a three day trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas and will be planning from now until wedding day. The day of the wedding will be December 14, 2013.

Wedding Attire: Spend 15% of the Wedding Budget on Wedding Attire Total budget: $20,000 x 0.1 = $3,000 available for wedding attire Example costs: wedding gown, dress alterations, wedding veil, lingerie, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. Photography: Spend 10% of the Wedding Budget on Wedding Photography Total budget: $20,000 x 0.1 = $2,000 available for wedding photography Example costs: Engagement portrait, photography, videographer, wedding album, etc. Stationary: Spend 5% of the Wedding Budget on Stationary Total budget: $20,000 x 0.05 = $1,000 available for wedding stationary Example costs: wedding announcements, wedding invitations, postage stamps, wedding programs, table place cards, etc.

Secondly, those two engaged young people mentioned that they would like to have a simple wedding when two families discussed how to plan their wedding. However, two families all had their own mind for the wedding which caused a controversy between the two sides. The bride’s family wanted to have a traditional Mexican wedding and the groom’s family wanted to have an African descent wedding.

Marcus would like to adopt a non-traditional style wedding but was refused by Lucia’s mother and grandmother that is religious beliefs conflict. However, Marcus does not religious believers. As their wedding planner, I would like to discuss the wedding detail with two family separately. I will try to talk about the detail of wedding with each family at one time. 바카라사이트

And them combine their ideas together to reduce their argue. I am also will tell these two families the traditional culture is important but make a wedding that the engaged couple like will be more important. Cross-culture wedding is kind of special for two families. “Our Marriage, their Wedding” these words is telling me that those young people’s marriage, but their parents’ wedding.

Adrianna and Antonio have decided to use part of their savings to make this wedding memorable too. They will be putting an additional $25,000.00 towards the wedding. The total budget for the wedding is $125,000.00. As a little girl, you tend to dream about how your wedding day would or could be. One of the main goals is to find happiness and be happy. 

The mega-resort employs over 6,000 Bahamians, and is the largest employer outside of government Anticipation For this destination wedding, the plan is to take the theme Adriana wants and incorporate it with the Bahamian culture. With the colors that have been picked for the wedding, it will go well with the beach wedding. The goal of the wedding is to have fun, stay within budget and reenact Adriana’s favorite movie “The Little Mermaid”.

Last year, I went to Taiping to attend my cousin’s wedding. She, unlike most of my family members, is a Christian. So, this was the first time I have been to a Christian wedding. Her wedding was held in the Chinese Methodist Church. The wedding had two receptions in two different places, one in Taiping and another in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


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