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 The status and authority of women depended upon their social status. Women of the royal family could have some political influence. A young wife was expected to be obedient and recognize her mother-in-law. The emperor and the royal family were at the top of society. The elite lived in elegant multistoried houses and lived a good life with everything they could want. The “Battle Royal” provides the reader with many examples of symbolism including the battle itself, the blind folds during the battle, and the electrified coins after the battle. The foremost symbol utilized in the story is the battle royal itself. The battle royal symbolizes the struggle for equality for the black culture. However there is also evidence that increasing media coverage of the royal family had other significant effects, such as increasing the popularity of the royal family and interest in their lives. This keeps the royal family relevant to our society as a symbol of Britain, so it is quite important. As wel


 The Akita has been a respected and much loved Japanese breed for over 3,000 years old. It originated in the Northern part of Japan many centuries ago. The name of the dog, Akita, comes from a rugged, mountainous area at the Northern part of the Honshu Island. It was known as the matagiinu or the matagi which means as the “esteemed hunter”. Because of its hunting skills it was used for hunting deer, black bear and wild boar (McDonald ). The hunting abilities of Akita include great strength, silence, keen eye and nose, speed and its sturdy body suitable for hunting in snows. In the 17th century, they were used in fighting other dogs in some special competitions. The breed has captured the hearts of many citizens in Japan for centuries and, was declared a National monument in 1931.  There are two types of Akita dogs, they include; the Japanese Akita breed and the American Akita dog. The weights and sizes of the two types of dogs are different. The Japanese breed standard do not allow for